• Professional headshots (head shots) are an integral part of any career, whether you are a student looking to embark on your career, business professional, actor, or entrepreneur.

    The world we live in is engulfed by social media, and it will get more so as we move forward. Having a professional portrait taken by a professionhal photographer can enhamce your persona. The right representation of yourself can be very important. What do you want to say to potential clients or job opportunity? Head shots are used but are not limited to LinkedIn profiles, website "about" pages, brochures, press releases and speaking engagements. You may be in need of a variety of head shots to give you versatility in your expanding career or just one good head shot to use for LinkedIn. Either way you should be excited to show off your professional head shot when someone asks for it.

    What does it take to get a professional portrait? 1. Get a good photographer, look at their work and make sure you like it. 2. Make sure the photographer can coach you in finding the right expression. 3. Wear what you love, if you don't like it don't bring it to the session. 4. Come in with a good attitude. 5. Leave the rest to us.

    Please take some time to view the various pages for more information and a sample of our work. If you like our style and want to contact us for a consult or have any questions, then please don’t hesitate. It will be stress-free, we promise! Hope to hear from you!

    Bay Street Headshots is a division of Dayian Photography. Joe Dayian is a Toronto based portrait photographer specializing in advertising and commercial work, including portraiture, fashion, beauty, editorial, corporate and actors' head shots, events and corporate photography.

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